About 14 months ago, my wife and I began running or doing weight machines every day, rain or shine.  We exercise every single day.   Sometimes together and sometimes separately depending on our schedules.    I do more running outside than doing machines at the gym. My wife prefers the gym.  I do mine religiously at 5:15 a.m.   I try to run at least four miles or at least for an hour.   I know that if I do not get the exercise done in the morning, it will not get done as Exercisethwork demands, kids’ activities and life get in the way.   I am not a natural fan of running and I am a sleepy-head.  When the alarm goes off, I do not allow myself to think I have the choice to stay in bed and I “just do it” as the Nike slogan says.

Importantly, the early morning start prepares me mentally and physically for the rest of the day.

I found the following benefits from this exercise regimen:

  • I am more mentally alert throughout the day.
  • I have much more stamina for a long day.
  • I have a higher tolerance for stressful stimuli.
  • I have a greater disposition for feeling cheerful.
  • My capacity to maintain my calm and tranquility is greatly enhanced.
  • My sundry aches and pains have disappeared.
  • I get more tasks and events accomplished.

I certainly have not discovered anything new in terms of what contributes to a more efficient, productive, and enjoyable day.   If you survey the literature on the attributes of modern, high achieving executives and leaders, you will see that a high percentage of them exercise frequently.Exercise 2th

Give yourself a lift, start exercising every day.  Oh and did I mention that you will probably lose weight and firm up your body in the process?  Hard work, but lots of payoffs.

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