Your Executive Life Blog aims to provide insights, commentary and useful information for those executives and professionals who seek employment contracts or separation agreements and for those businesses and organizations that hire or terminate them. The blog also covers, and sometimes pontificates upon, executive compensation, executive advancement, executive development, and executive leadership issues.

G. A. Finch is the primary contributor to Your Executive Life Blog.




His views and opinions are his own and should not be construed as reflecting the views and opinions of any organization  or entity with which he may be affiliated.

He is a business lawyer and executive employment attorney at Hoogendoorn & Talbot LLP in Chicago.

Executive Employment Counsel Serving A National Clientele

G. A.  advises executives, professionals, and organizations on employment contract, compensation and severance matters. He also has counseled and is consulted by executives  and professionals on their individual career and leadership development matters.

He serves as general counsel to businesses and personal attorney to individuals.

Mr. Finch graduated from Amherst College and the University of Michigan Law School and clerked for U.S. District Court Chief Judge James B. Parsons in Chicago.  He was a Leadership Greater Chicago Fellow and a Salzburg Global Seminar Fellow.

We welcome thoughtful comments that are germane to the subject matter of the blog.  All comments will be reviewed before they appear.  All postings become the property of G. A. Finch.

Your Executive Life Blog offers no legal advice and should not be construed as legal advice or as a legal opinion on a specific situation for a reader. This general information is not intended to create, and reading and receipt of this information do not constitute, an attorney-client relationship. For dialogue and information, feel free to contact G. A. Finch at gafinch@htlaw.com

The content on this Blog may be deemed advertising material in certain jurisdictions.

Copyright © 2019 by G. A. Finch, All rights reserved.

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