An executive can have a high achieving resume, an impeccable designer suit, a fresh haircut or new hairdo and still not get the job, promotion or the business, because of three simple physical miscues: 1) a lack of a smile; 2) a weak handshake;  and 3) avoidance of eye contact.  Human beings are animals, and we take a majority of our information about people from what we see and feel; this goes back to our primitive survival instincts.  Fair or not, true or not, accurate or not, a frown can be viewed as threatening, a dish-rag handshake may be interpreted as an absence of confidence or as dislike, and an absence of eye contact may connote both insecurity and untrustworthiness (eyes being seen as windows  into the soul).

When interacting with people, it pays to be aware of your physical actions.  Take inventory.   If you fall down in any of these areas, they can be eventually overcome by the executive being sincere, natural, self-aware and intentional.

My esteemed readers, what has been your experience?


Copyright © 2010 by G. A. Finch, All rights reserved.

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